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My name is Stefanie Semkat, I'm 48 years old and I come from the southwest of Germany. I started dog sport in 1985 and have not stopped since then. My entered my first agility competition in 1996 with my Brittany Spaniel and 2003 i started judging.

Since then, I judged countless tournaments at home and abroad, including many championships and AWC qualifications. My goal is to create fast tracks which the dogs can run in a nice line, but also require a lot of skills from the handler.

I currently have a Border Collie in the A3 and my younger Border Collie will be ready for A1 soon.

I am looking forward the BCC 2020 in Poland, i am proud that i can a part of this great competition

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Stefanie Semkat: Image
Stefanie Semkat: Image
Stefanie Semkat: Image
Stefanie Semkat: Image
Stefanie Semkat: Image
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